Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do more stuff

I’m not doing enough. At least not enough of the right things. I waste so much time with things that don’t really matter. If I wrote down all the shit I do every day that doesn’t amount to anything, I’d have a mile-long list of nothing much. Reading about other people’s lives on facebook, staring at crap TV, skimming through the first paragraphs of useless articles online, searching for cheesy videos of washed up bands. Where does it all get me?

But the biggest waster of all is the time I spend thinking about all the awesome stuff I think I want to do — but never quite seem to get to doing. 

I guess I would consider myself somewhat productive. I go to a job every morning where I produce something worthwhile every once in a while. I knock out a freelance project here and there. I write a blog post a few times a month. I do regular life stuff like pay bills, buy food and wash myself. I spend time with people I care about. I even manage to have a little fun. Probably more fun than a 43-year-old should have.

But I know I could be doing more. I’ve always had that nagging feeling that I’m supposed to, or was meant to, do more. And no matter how much I end up doing, it never feels like enough.

I blame it on my ADD. And maybe a dash of procrastination. Sometimes it’s pure laziness. But mostly it’s all about the burden of being an overthinker. I spend way too much time thinking and not nearly enough time doing. Too many “what ifs?”, not enough “why nots?”

The further I go along in life the more I realize that’s what life is all about. Doing. Nothing gets done if you don’t do it. Even if you occasionally do it wrong. It still needs to get done.

Time is limited man. Life is short. You never know what day might be your last. We’re reminded of that all the time. Lately the reminders seem to be more frequent. The world is going crazier at a greater clip. Who knows when it could all just stop. Go do more stuff. And keep doing it. While you still can.

I gotta go. I got stuff to do.  Oh look, a squirrel with his own facebook page. Neat.

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