Sunday, April 9, 2017

Say What You Gotta Say

Today I’d like to talk about having the balls to have a point of view. 

I spent much of my life too scared to speak my mind. Mostly because I’ve always been way too worried about what others would think. I’d never say what I had to say because I didn’t want to stir the pot. Or ruffle the wrong feathers. Or lose friends. My deep-rooted need to have everybody like me prevented me from speaking up.  

Thankfully, those days are gone. Now if I’ve got something to say, I’m probably gonna say it. (Sometimes to a fault. Somewhere along the way my filters malfunctioned. But even if those filters were working full force, the current state of things would certainly test their fortitude.)

Let me be clear here. By no means are my viewpoints radical or offensive. At least I don’t think so. My personal beliefs don’t cause others harm. And I don’t live on the extreme end of any of the spectrums. So it’s not like I’m haphazardly spouting militant theories. I’m just a thinker with things to say.

And sometimes what we say can rub some people the wrong way. 

But get this: I’ve learned that if somebody out there has an issue with what I say – or with me in general – that’s ok! Because that’s their right. (Seriously, there are times when I have an issue with me. So I get it.)

But I can’t let what others think stop me. I’ve lived long enough, seen enough and been through enough shit to have my own point of view. I’ve earned my voice. So have you.

So go ahead and say what you gotta say. Even if I don’t like it. I’ll get over it.

And so will they. Those who truly give a shit about you will put up with your point of view, even when they vehemently disagree with it. 

I recently thought about turning my voice down a notch. But I realized if I did that I’d go right back to that silent, skittish place I used to live in – a place where the only voice I had was the one in my head. Nope. 

So my new motto is this: Be respectful. Be civil. But be heard.

That’s all any of us can do. It’s your right to share your voice and speak up for what you believe in. You’ve earned it. 

Unless you believe in having sex with farm animals or that dinosaurs never existed. Both of those beliefs are pretty fucked up and you probably shouldn’t talk about them out loud. 


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  1. Bravo. Well said...from someone that has always spoken my mind and "stirred the pot!" I've always respected others even when I know they are just plain...wrong!!! ��

    So happy to have your blog up again!!