Friday, December 9, 2016

Does Anybody Remember the Golden Rule?

An obnoxious, self-absorbed bully who’s treated people like shit his entire adult life will soon be the leader of our still-great country. I still can’t believe we did that to ourselves. But we did.

Once the shock of the election wore off, and I shoved some more anger further down the hole, I started to think about where things are headed. And how things seem to work now.

Here’s what I think.

We’re taught from an early age to treat others like we want to be treated. To show respect and general concern for those around us. To use manners and common decency. But now, as a slightly past-middle-aged man with enough time under my belt to see the world with wide-open eyes, I’m starting to really wonder if any of that still matters.

Maybe our parents were wrong all along. Maybe it’s not about treating people with respect. Maybe you have to be a dickhead to get ahead. And maybe the Golden Rule doesn’t mean shit anymore.

You see it every day. People in high places with absolutely no sense of self-awareness. And no real desire to have one. The sole purpose of their oblivious existence is to keep climbing their imaginary ladders, not one bit concerned with who gets a foot in the face on their way up.

More and more it feels like we live in a world where being an asshole gets you a trophy. But is it the asshole’s fault? Or those of us handing out the trophies?

I’m hoping my cynical assumption that the douchebags are taking over is just me overthinking, again. I’m hoping there’s still room here for those of us who still believe in respect and empathy.

And I’m hoping with everything I got that most of us can still recite the Golden Rule.

But seriously. That guy? I still can’t believe we did that to ourselves.


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