Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I fight authority...

I have a problem with authority. I don’t like to be told what to do.

I think it all stems back to being brought up by a really strict dad. He was all about authority. Military-style authority. Kids-are to-be-seen-and-not heard-style authority. Sure, that approach teaches respect and discipline, but it mostly teaches resentment.

Or, maybe it was the asshole basketball coach I had in 8th grade who ridiculed my lack of ball-handling skills in front of the entire team. Still not sure how that guy ever got hired as a basketball coach. He didn’t know the first thing about basketball. He sucked at it. Good at yelling though. Think he ended up having a triple bypass or something. Dick.

Could it be the useless bosses I’ve had over the years? Some of them I had zero respect for as human beings, but every single day I had to pretend I liked their ideas and respected their views, just because they signed my checks.

The common denominator in all of these situations — me. I’m the problem. People can suck. And sometimes people that suck get put in positions of authority. That’s just how it works. I should probably just get used to it. But I can’t.

I’ve always been a fan of the underdog. I root for the little guy. I’m not fond of people who think they have some kind of unspoken power over others. Unfortunately, there are situations where this “unspoken power” isn’t unspoken at all. It’s called a job. This system of hierarchy doesn’t bode well for a guy with my attitude.

My anti-establishment, anti-authority approach is not recommended for those trying to climb the corporate ladder. I’ll most likely never be a “big shot” because I can’t stand “big shots.” I’ll probably muddle in the middle for the rest of my life because I’m not good at kissing ass. I’m horrible at going along with the plan when I don’t believe in the plan. And I’m really bad at hiding my true feelings — I wear my lack of respect and disdain for fake people smack dab on my big face like a blinking billboard. This has caused more than a few closed-door conversations with the powers-that-be.

But I’m ok with my approach and my attitude. I might as well be — I’ve been around too long to change. Besides, if becoming a big shot means kissing ass and losing my self, I’ll muddle in the middle all day long. The people are nicer here — and they’re real.

Here's to the loyal underdog.


  1. Jason, for a moment, I thought "I don't remember writing this."

    This one sounds like me right to the core. Strict military style dad. Had to make our beds so a quarter could bounce off the sheets when done. And Stand at attention. Oh yeah, the power of the authority. There's a saying that goes, "if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Most people cannot handle authority--it goes right to their head--and there is no way I'm going to let that go. So that's the major reason I couldn't get anywhere at my old job, because I'll be damned if I'll kiss ass.

  2. I hear you Tim. My dad taught me many great things, but his "authority" style left it's mark. Maybe someday I'll be my own boss and I can kiss my own ass. I'd probably get sick of me as a boss too!

  3. Nicely said Jason, I too have always been for the underdog, I muddle through life trying to find my place and one day soon I will hopefully after I finish college but there is on thing I do not want to be is the, "Big Shot." I just want to provide for my family peacefully and enjoy life.