Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Power of Next Time

I attended a Victim Impact Panel tonight. I listened to two women who will never again be at peace because of someone who chose to drive after drinking. I heard them tell gut-wrenching stories of loss. Stories they’ve probably told a thousand times but instantly break down like it's the first time. They have to live with these stories every day — for the rest of their lives.

The first woman talked about her son who was killed when his motorcycle was hit by a guy who decided to get wasted on a Sunday afternoon and drive his truck down a back road he thought no one else would be on. He was wrong that day.

The second woman was hit head on, forcing the engine of her Jeep into her chest. She was 8 ½ months pregnant. She survived — her baby, Dean, did not.

I sat in my seat and just listened. I felt empty. Guilty. Helpless. But most of all, I felt lucky.

I get another chance. I don’t have to live with what it feels like to end a life.
I don’t have to face myself every day knowing I’m the reason those left behind can barely face the day. I get to make a choice the next time. Not everybody gets a next time.

Think about how lucky you are the next time you have a choice.

That is all.


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  1. It's a true show of optimism, I think, to look at your chance to make a different choice this way, and very inspiring. As a parent, it's insanely frightening to think of something like this happening to my kids or husband, but it happens. Every single day. Every single hour. I think it's brave that you're laying so much on the line here and are changing your life.