Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's Maybe's

It’s a new year. Time to make some changes. Starting with this blog. Maybe.

I love writing in this blog, but it’s proving to be too easy to push aside. My goal when I started was a post per week. That lasted about two months. Then I slowed it down to about two posts a month. That worked fine for a while. But then it didn’t. Lately, I’m lucky to barely squeeze something out every 45 days. That’s not how this should work. Wait, did I just should myself?

No excuses really. I get busy. I get lazy. I run out of stuff to talk about that I haven’t already talked about. I worry that nobody really wants to read what I write anyway. I get scared of what might boil to the surface. I get tired of writing about my problems. And, I have other people to think about. I can’t just blast out whatever pops in my head whenever I feel like it — at least not publicly. There are consequences.

So, I’m thinking of trying something different. Just not sure what that means yet.

Maybe a website. I already own Maybe I’ll expand the site a little bit, put up some posts here and there, feature some tools and resources for other overthinkers, throw up some pretty pictures. I don’t know. I’m not much of a web guy. Sounds like a lot of work.

Maybe I’ll write a book about thinking too much. Or at least start to write a book about thinking too much.

Maybe I’ll be a rock star. If only I knew how to play more than three chords. Maybe I’ll just write about being a rock star.

Maybe I’ll start a new blog about something else I know a little bit about. Like sports. Or music. There’s only like 5 billion of those out there.

Maybe I’ll quit my job and try being something totally unexpected and out of my wheelhouse. Life food critic. I like food. And being critical. How hard can it be?

Maybe I’ll go scroll through Netflix and look for a shitty movie. So many shitty movies on Netflix. This could take a while.

Maybe I’ll just stick to writing this blog once or twice a month. All of a sudden it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

So many maybe’s. So little time.


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