Saturday, February 8, 2014

Go back to sleep.

Been having some crazy dreams lately. I’m usually pretty good at remembering big chunks of my dreams. Maybe it’s because my wheels start spinning at around 4 a.m., so I have about two hours or so of not-so-deep sleep right before I get up. Another awesome side effect of being an overthinker.

About a week ago, I dreamt I was having a cheeseburger with my grandpa at some greasy spoon in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea what it meant. But it was nice to hang out with him again. I dream about my grandpa and grandma a lot.

I dream about work more often than I’d like. I know exactly what those dreams mean.

The occasional sex dream pops up. More so lately. Good times.

A lot of my dreams are mishmash, quick little one-hitters without structure or purpose. Detailed, sometimes crazy, often entertaining, but their meaning isn’t always immediately apparent.

But the other night I had one that I knew was trying to tell me something.

I was at a Packers game with some of my best buddies. The playing field was small, smaller than a high school field, with busted up bleachers on one side. Same professional football team, just a really shitty field. We were in about the sixth row or so. The bleachers were stacked with people.

I was sitting with my friends, and a bunch of people I’d never met, minding my own business, when an errant pass made its way into the crowd. Everybody jumped to their feet at the same exact time. I remember seeing so many arms and hands flailing at the ball. But my hands were bigger, stronger and more athletic than all the others. I grabbed onto that ball with effortless confidence. No drops. No uncertainty of where it was supposed to land. No question about who was supposed to catch it. Glorious.

I’ve had dreams like this before. But that same ball has bounced off my hands so many times. Or, I’ve taken the last shot of the game, only to watch the ball bang off the rim.
Not this time.

Now I just need to figure out what it really means. I think I know, but who am I to say what my subconscious brain is trying to tell me.

Is it about feeling more in control of my life? Possibly. Is it about having a better sense of who I am? Maybe. Is it about newfound happiness? Probably. Does it mean I think I’m pretty fucking awesome and cooler than everybody else in the crowd? Sometimes.

Whatever it means, it was a kickass dream. These are the kind of dreams that make you want to go back to sleep.

Maybe next time I’ll be having sex when I catch the football. It wouldn’t take a dream doctor to figure out the meaning behind that one.

Feeling a little sleepy all of a sudden. Think I’ll go take a nap.


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